My first blog!

Yo! For my first blog I’m just going to introduce you to my new website and fill you in on what’s going on for me.

The lovely team at Jump the Gap Marketing have built my website so if you fancy something similar get in touch with them. Fionnuala and the team taught me a lot about what others in my niche are doing and did some research into what I am lacking business-wise. I’m also getting some help with my social media. My Emily Artwear urban clothing range is beginning to get a lot of interest so I decided it’s best to be ready, so this is me, getting ready to be ready!

So, where to start? It was two years last week when I took part in my first fashion show which featured my Emily Artwear urban clothing range and my High Fashion Streetwear clothing. Since then things have spiralled quite rapidly, in a good way! I’m quite a private person so I’m giving myself a little push to blog and vlog more as I love using both writing and video as a method of communicating.

Currently, I’m making a collection of handmade, high-fashion streetwear clothing which will show at New York Fashion Week in September 2019 at two shows – Cosmopolitan NYFW at the amazing Lottes Palace Hotel, New York on the 6th September, and the Live Out Loud Charity Fashion Show on the 10th September at the beautiful Dimmena Centre New York. I’ve also a heap of photoshoots lined up in New York that week. If you’re a model or photographer that wants to work with me, then get in touch and I’ll do my best to work with you.

Other exciting news is that I’m taking part in a documentary that will eventually be shown in the USA. I’ll give more details on this in future blogs.
I’m delighted that my path has led me to this point where I get to travel and meet wonderful people whilst doing what I love, and also that I’m being sent a super team of people to help me with this…as it’s getting bigger by the day.

I’ve so many ideas for my high fashion streetwear designs that I have the collections made in my head months before I even buy the first material! It’s lovely seeing them come to fruition and making people happy. Now, with my new website, I’m so glad that I can present my fashion designs and fine art for people to own and to smile about, all over the world!!

Please take some time to check out the different aspects of my new website and feel free to give me some feedback!

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