My New Heartfelt Collection

I just wanted to share a little bit about the creative process behind the collection I designed for this show. The main colours are light green, symbolizing Spring that’s on the way, and the turquoise is more for the upcoming Winter palette. I’ve included some green hearts which are about self-love, like learning to love yourself and practicing that as part of your daily routine.

The overall theme of my high fashion streetwear collection is named “Heartfelt”.

My sewing inspiration for my Heartfelt Collection

I listen to a lot of lectures, documentaries and music as I am sewing. One guy I listen to, Dr. Joe Dispenza, gets groups of people sitting in a huge seminar and asks them to practice love, like sitting there, closing your eyes and really allowing yourself to feel what love feels like. At the risk of sounding like a mad hippy (which there’s no denying), it is something really simple that we regularly overlook. We tend to think that love and happiness are outside of ourselves. Whereas they are something that we can actually make a decision to practice and make a habitual part of our life, instead of an absent hole that we think needs to be filled from outside of us.

Okay, I know that’s pretty deep but there is no point in me having a platform if I don’t use it to promote something, and what I care about is seeing people heal, succeed and flourish. In the coming months, I’m going to set up a YouTube channel. I want to speak more about the stuff I contemplate every day, because there is a great reward in human connection and I think I’m ready to have some more of that.

Heartfelt Collection at New York Fashion Week and Paris City Fashion Week

Cosmopolitan New York Fashion Week is tomorrow at Lotte Palace Hotel. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and am grateful to be developing such lovely relationships with so many people here in NYC and the USA in general. Next month I’m doing Paris City Fashion Week. I still have a few spaces for models (so please contact me, and a fee applies). We are going to do some really cool photoshoots and video in Paris.

I’m going to leave you with a reminder to check out Lawrii Craic the Irish rapper whose music I’m featuring in the show tomorrow and the brother duo from Latvia currently staying in Ireland who make electronic music and beatboxing – Dióva Music. And also Rebel Pheonix, whose music I featured at the last Cosmopolitan and LOLC NYFW shows. Rebel Pheonix has a show in New York on March 7th along with two other Irish legends, Kneecap and John Connors. Ireland has some amazing talent and I’m excited that we are finally getting to share it with the world.

Big love!

After NYC, Paris, and then Alabama in April, I am going to chill out and work on a larger video project that’s going to knock everyone’s socks off. So enjoy these shows and will catch you soon, somewhere in the world!

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