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Something I really love is gardening. I know it’s sort of obvious but I’m still constantly amazed at how you can put this tiny seed into the ground and in a couple of weeks it can grow into something amazing. I’ve always been aiming towards a simple lifestyle, where we live quietly in the countryside, grow our own produce, cook and eat it.

I do bits of this, like a small crop of broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, etc. each year. And I always have a great array of herbs growing at any time, coriander being my favourite. I’m hoping in years to come as we get more land, we can go from container gardening to ‘forever home’ gardening, and from small crops to bigger crops.

The coolest things in the garden at the moment are the pineapple plant and the kiwi plant (I suppose because we wouldn’t be so familiar with them). To be honest I love all the plants, from the fruit bushes to the unusual flowers, to the climbing roses, and everything in between. I’ve noticed that plants flourish in a loving environment and it’s actually a nice excuse to practice giving love when you have a lot of plants around.

Check out my pineapple plant!

When I feel overwhelmed with work I go and sit on the ground and take my shoes and socks off, and slowly remember to breathe. Nature has been my friend for as far back as I can remember. From the nourishing soil below our feet to the marvelous cosmology above our heads, Bhumi (the Vedic name for Earth mother) never fails to fascinate and provide. I pray that we will always be close to nature as that’s where I feel the happiest and safest.

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