New York Fashion Week 2019

I’m super excited about New York Fashion Week this year for a couple of different reasons. This year I get to bring some friends with me and my other half, Yogi, is also coming, so that will be lovely. The last few shows I had to fly alone, but it’s always nicer to have a crew along with you, for company and support.

I’m taking part in two shows, Live Out Loud Charity Fashion Show on Sept 10th and Cosmopolitan NYFW on Sept 6th.

A lovely documentary maker from Canada called Charles Huang has come to Ireland recently to film some footage of me preparing for the shows. He is making a documentary called Runway Bound which is to be aired on Amazon Prime in 2020. Here is the promo for the Runway Bound documentary.

It will follow the story of two fashion designers (one is me!) and a number of models. Charles also has his own travel show.

I am looking forward to seeing the lovely crew from Live Out Loud Charity again. This is a charity focusing on suicide awareness/prevention and anti-bullying, and is run by Sherrie Gearheart who is very inspiring.

The last time I visited I loved the way Sherrie was training the models who took part in the show, to notice the signs of depression and bullying in school, college or their daily routines, and to know what to say and do to help people. There was a lovely moment during the bootcamp where everyone had a chance to tell their personal story and it was very empowering to see the difficulties that people have overcome, then afterwards to see them full of confidence speaking onstage or walking in the show. I have made some really good friends through this experience with whom I have kept in touch. I love to meet and speak with people and to see them flourish and be happy.

I’m also looking forward to meeting the Cosmopolitan gang. Its organisers have been really helpful and nice, and the enthusiasm from the models puts a smile on my face. I am making some super designs and since it’s my first full collection for children and teenagers, it will be a fun new experience.

I’ll also be taking part in an LOLC bootcamp on the 9th, and Cosmopolitan photoshoot on the 7th Sept, and there is word of a backstage pass for me for the official NYFW Shows, which will be something really cool to witness! I’ll continue to make video updates of everything so keep an eye on my Instagram stories to see what I am up to!

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