Emily Artwear


Emily Artwear

My Emily Artwear urban clothing range is created using my original artwork on the clothing.

I have always loved being able to walk into the fanciest hotel in New York or the most hidden tiny house in India and find someone that I can have a connection with. Art brings people together, it’s a worldwide language and a worldwide passport.

The pieces that fall within my Emily Artwear urban clothing range are more affordable than the handmade high fashion streetwear designs. I ensure that each item in my Emily Artwear range is made to the highest quality.

These pieces range from t-shirts and hoodies to bomber jackets and bandanas. They are comfortable, cool and colourful.

Shop my Emily Artwear Range

I have opened a shop on Etsy whilst I am building my own shop, where you can buy my high fashion streetwear, Emily Artwear clothing and original paintings. You don’t need an account, you can easily make a purchase as a “guest”!