2020 Update

Hello hello!

Well, its been awhile! We’ve all been navigating the wonderful growth opportunities that 2020 has kindly brought to us.

It’s given me some time off, which I’m hugely grateful for. I spent a lot of time lying in forests.

I started two new YouTube channels which are still relatively small but will be growing them with video offerings as time passes. You can check them out here:

Ireland Files

Ireland Files is a chat with various creative geniuses who are currently in Ireland.

The Radical Openness Sessions

The Radical Openness Sessions talks about realisations and general stuff, with a focus on mental health, emotional maturity and spirituality.

Please subscribe to these channels if you are interested!

Emily Artwear Update

In February / March 2021, Emily Artwear designs will be appearing at Cosmopolitan New York Fashion Week. This is a full, new collection called “Rose Golden Age”, and it is based around practising raising our own love vibration to make us ready for whatever is coming next in our lives, and indeed in the world.

We will also be showing part of this collection at Milan City Fashion Week. I can possibly still take one or two models for each show so if you are interested, please speak to me asap and I’ll put you in touch with the relevant people.

I’ve been working on some video projects in the background, which I will be excited to reveal in 2021.

Lastly, you can access my shop through the website, so please check out the designs that are available (they’re updated regularly). And please get in contact if you would like anything custom made – there is a few months waiting list for custom designs.

Best wishes

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