High fashion streetwear

High fashion streetwear HIGH FASHION STREETWEAR High fashion streetwear HIGH FASHION STREETWEAR

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High Fashion Streetwear

Okay, when I say streetwear I mean wearable, comfortable stylish but with an edge. I’ve always been the one to stand out, and that wasn’t always cool. Twenty years ago people would laugh at my blue hair but now the same people are buying my custom designs! I always had my own style, it just took a few years for my style to come ‘into fashion’.

Every piece I make is modelled on my own style. A little bit brave, a little bit “I don’t care” and a little bit “hold on, I do actually care”! LOL!

My style is street style

It was born in the streets of Dublin, in Ritchie’s underground raves and Grangegorman squat and back lane street art jams. It’s a playful aesthetic scream at the everyday… “Look at us, we are here, we survived, and now we are getting big!” It’s exciting! It’s writing ‘Dublin’ on a sweater and seeing it bounce down a NYFW catwalk with my “Dublin Dirty Dublin” rap pumping out over the microphone. Dublin’s coming to see the rest of the world and you’re gonna love us. We’re having so much fun.

What has any of this got to do with these streetwear designs?

It has everything to do with these designs. Every experience, every feeling, every person I’ve met, every conversation I’ve had, every realisation I’ve had, goes into first my art, and then that art is made into high fashion streetwear clothing.

It’s real, it’s raw, it’s insanely unique. And I want you to wear it and love it, whether your stage is Henry Street or the red carpet at Cannes.

I want you to spot the tiny details in the lining of your garment that only you will know about and have a secret smile that shows you are treating yourself well. This clothing is beautiful, inside and out. This is the full package, “full power”, as they say in India. My high-fashion streetwear knows no boundaries.